• Five Ways Invasive Weeds & Plants Can Ruin Your Golf Course

    A golf course is not only about having challenging and fun holes; it's about the beauty and pristine nature along the way. An ideal golf course features lush green fairways, easy access for golfers, and gorgeous water views that can also play as hole hazards. When weeds overtake these elements, it can ruin both the visual and playing experience. Sometimes a janitor or grounds crew isn't enough. When the following five problems escalate on your course, commercial weed control companies may be needed.
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  • Make Your Own Headboard From A Door And Mantel Shelf In 7 Easy Steps

    If you are tired of your headboard, then make your own. It's an easy project that anyone can do, and you will have a beautiful piece of custom piece of furniture in your bedroom when finished. Here is what you need and how you can do it: Materials and tools needed Door – hollow core doors are inexpensive, and they can be easily cut to the appropriate length. Choose one that has a width of at least 30 inches.
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  • What The Walking Dead Can Teach You About Keeping Pigeons Away From Your Food Court

    Last month, one New York City food cart experienced a sudden death when a photo depicting a couple of hungry pigeons feasting on meat circulated around the Internet. It was a gruesome image, indeed, and one that prompted the food cart's entire customer base to seek out a new lunch spot. How could the death of this food cart have been prevented? How could they have stopped the hordes of pigeons that lurk the streets of NYC from breaching their confines and gorging themselves on the daily lunch special?
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