3 Key Principles of Bathroom Design

Posted on: 28 April 2020

Bathroom design is, to some degree, a matter of preference. Some people love the look of tile, and others hate it. Some people love white walls, and others prefer a bolder color. In addition to designing your bathroom to meet your own preferences, however, you should also know that there are a few guiding principles to adhere to regardless of your specific style preferences. Here are those principles.

1. Keep everything in proportion.

Consider the size of your bathroom, and choose your fixtures, cabinets, and other elements according to that size. Otherwise, the space might start to look unbalanced and out of proportion. You don't want to put an enormous tub and 12 x 12 tile in a tiny bathroom! Similarly, you won't want to put tiny tile in a big, open bathroom. Choose smaller, more delicate items for a tiny bathroom and larger elements for a bigger bathroom.

2. Leave enough space.

Bathrooms tend to be smaller rooms, and as such, you need to be really careful when choosing a layout. A toilet that is crammed against the wall is not easy for anyone to use, and nobody wants to hit their shin on the sink when stepping out of the shower, either. Space needs to be your top concern when deciding where to put the toilet, sink, and shower. And if you don't have enough space to allow clearance around the items you've chosen, you may need to pick a smaller toilet, shower, or vanity.

3. Stick with three colors.

You can go warm or cool with your color choices. You can go bold, or you can tone it down. But regardless of the colors you choose for your bathroom, you want to stick with three. One will be your major color; you'll paint the walls this color, and maybe use it for some decorative items. The second will be your major accent color. Perhaps you'll paint your trim this color or use it in the shower curtain. The third color will be a minor accent color. You'll only use this color in a few spots — maybe for a few towels or in a mirror. This three-color system keeps the eye interested but helps you avoid overwhelming the space.

If you adhere to the three principles above when designing a bathroom, you should end up with a space that is classically appealing, and not just in line with your personal preferences. Talk to bathroom design services in your area to learn more.


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