Decluttering Your Bedroom Closet: Tips For You

Posted on: 4 August 2020

If you are like many people, you are dealing with an overstuffed, disorganized mess of a bedroom closet. Clutter is most often hidden away in closets only to be seen every time you need to get into your closet to pull out an outfit or another item. However, your bedroom closet does not have to be cluttered. You can successfully declutter your closet and get the organized space you have always desired. Get to know a few decluttering tips to help you out with your bedroom closet space. Then, you can put them to use in your closet right away. 

Get Non-Clothing Items Out

Your bedroom closet should not be a catchall for all of the items in your life that you don't have a designated place for. So, the first step in decluttering is to get all non-clothing items out of the closet. 

You want clothing and accessories (like purses, shoes, and jewelry) to be the only items in your bedroom closet. So, get everything else out. You can find other places for items or get rid of them if they are no longer useful to you. 

Go Through Your Clothing Item by Item

Decluttering can be a simple process, but it is not necessarily going to be a quick one. The best way to declutter your clothing and accessories is to go through each clothing item one by one. Take the item in your hands. Look at it closely. Think about the last time you actually wore it. 

If you have zero emotional attachment to an item and/or it has been unused in your closet for six months to a year, donate it or sell it. You do not need such items taking up space in your closet. 

Get a Custom Closet Organizer

Once you have your wardrobe narrowed down to just the items you love and that you use, you can get to actually organizing your closet. Work with an interior designer or contractor to build a custom closet organizer for your closet. 

A custom closet organizer will include more than just a bar and one shelf to hang and place your clothing on. You will get several shelves, bars at different heights and levels, shoe racks, and so much more from a real custom closet organizer. It will be specially designed with your closet needs in mind and will help you to keep everything neat and organized once you have decluttered. 

Now that you know a few tips to help you with decluttering your bedroom closet, get started by going through every item inside and invest in a closet organizer


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