Does Your Septic Tank Require More Than A Good Pumping?

Posted on: 19 January 2020

If you are a septic tank owner, then you've probably had the importance of regular cleanings drilled into your head. Having your septic tank pumped every few years is essential to the long life of your system. Perhaps even more importantly, it prevents septic tank clogs and back-ups that can lead to costly and often disgusting damage to your home. This maintenance task is crucial, but is there more that you should be doing? This article will outline the steps that you should take as a homeowner to keep your septic system operating at peak efficiency.

The Number One Rule: Watch Your Flushes

Want your septic tank to last for years while costing very little to operate and maintain? If so, then there's a straightforward rule to follow: watch what you flush. Avoid flushing anything other than water, waste, and septic tank safe toilet paper down your drains. Even wipes that are supposedly septic tank safe can create clogs or cause additional problems. Flushing other items down your drains can not only clog up the plumbing, but it can also potentially destroy the bacterial colonies that your septic tank needs to operate correctly. Careful flushing will reduce your long-term repair costs and minimize your maintenance needs.

Schedule Routine Inspections

Your tank should be pumped every 3-5 years, but you should also schedule annual inspections. These routine inspections can help you to uncover problems long before they become serious, allowing you to fix them on schedule and without breaking your budget. Even more crucially, they can help you to calibrate your pumping schedule. By having your system inspected, you will be able to determine if you are pumping too infrequently (or too often!) and adjust as necessary. The relatively small cost of an inspection can help you to save money over the long run by finding a pumping schedule that will prevent expensive clogs in the future.

Have the System Cleaned

In addition to pumping the tank, many septic tank maintenance companies offer cleaning services. When cleaning your system, technicians will use high-powered jets of water to bust out clogs and keep everything running smoothly. It is not necessary to perform this cleaning annually, but if you schedule annual inspections your plumber will be able to judge the condition of your system and recommend a cleaning schedule that works for you.

Remember that you rely on your septic tank system to keep your home comfortable and sanitary. A routine tank pumping schedule is essential if you want to keep the system functioning effectively, but taking a few extra steps can help your system to last even longer while remaining trouble-free.


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