The Importance Of Storm Shutters On Your Property

Posted on: 1 August 2019

If you are a property owner living in areas that get hurricanes, you know the importance of having storm shutters on your home. The shutters are one of the main lines of defense for your home against damaging windows that would otherwise shatter windows and glass doors. Keeping your home protected should be your highest priority. That means you need to keep the storm shutters maintained and in working condition during the storm months. This guide goes over three types of storm shutters and how to keep them in working order.

Types of Storm Shutters

There are three main types of storm shutters that you can install on your home.

Automatic Roll Down

Automatic roll down shutters are just what the name implies. They are designed to roll down automatically with a remote control. The shutters roll all the way down from the top of the window to the bottom. It creates a secure barrier and you do not have to manually close the shutters. It is one of the safest options for storm shutters. It is also a great choice for seniors or people who physically have difficulty operating storm shutters.


Accordion shutters close from the side of the window. They are a common choice for a shutter. In order to shut them, you simply shut each one over the window and lock them together. They will stay together and protect the window until you open them again. Many people like to match accordion shutters to the trim on their home as a way to brighten up the property a bit.


Awning shutters are quite different from the other two types of shutters. The shutters are attached to the top of the window. They can be propped open during the day as a way to create shade above the window. When it is storming, the shutters are closed and latched at the bottom of the window. They can also be painted to match the trim on the property.

Maintenance for Shutters

Your shutters will be no good against a storm if they are damaged. It is important to have them inspected each year before the storm season. Motorized shutters should be checked to make sure the motors are functioning properly. Broken slats should be replaced or fixed immediately. Storm shutters that are completely broken need to be removed and new ones installed. Failure to do so may result in property damage the next time it storms.


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