How To Make Business Signs More Appealing

Posted on: 1 March 2023

Business signs are among the most effective forms of advertising. You will likely want your signs to be as appealing as possible. If you don't know where to start, use the following checklist to develop some ideas.


Visibility is always an issue with business signs. Anything that improves the visibility of a sign is a win for a business. Lighting is the simplest way to upgrade a sign's visibility, especially if there's nothing else to illuminate it at night.

Even if your business isn't open at night, lighted business signs will still act as advertising. Someone might not be aware of the business, but they'll see the sign during the night. They will remember the business and want to swing by during your regular hours.


Readability is also a critical issue. High-contrast designs improve both readability and visibility. Suppose you have a sign with lettering etched into a dark hardwood. You might want to paint the letters with a bright white material that includes reflective bits. This can make the letters stand out, improving the overall readability of the sign.

Simple Imagery

Logos and photos on a sign are something of a double-edged sword. On the one hand, people are inherently attracted to imagery. This is especially true if the images are photos of people or even abstract representations of faces. At the same time, a complex logo or a business photograph can make a sign look cluttered.

There isn't anything wrong with imagery on signs. However, the most appealing business signs keep things simple. If you have a sign that features people, for example, you might want to keep it to no more than two or three. A logo should have a simple form that's easy for viewers to follow, too.

Lettering Size

You should size the lettering relative to the distance the viewer will be from the sign. For business signs hanging eight feet above an entryway, for example, a 10-inch maximum is reasonable. Bear in mind that more stylish fonts may need to be bigger so viewers can pick up the thin parts. A sign company can take some measurements and even use a paper banner to estimate what your location's needs will be.

Visual Consistency

Your business signs should be visually consistent with the style of your building. Throwing a modernist sign on a very traditional exterior, for example, can be confusing. Likewise, you should try to be stylistically consistent with the surrounding businesses.

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