Why You May Need Frameless Glass Shower Door Repairs Or Replacement Services

Posted on: 17 November 2022

You probably didn't need a lot of convincing to see why you had to add a frameless glass shower door to your bathroom. 

Frameless glass shower doors enhance aesthetic appeal, improve safety, are easy to clean, and create a sense of spaciousness in the bathroom. These glass shower doors don't use frames for strength, safety, and durability, but they're made from thick safety glass, which is several times stronger than ordinary annealed glass.

Although your frameless glass shower door is incredibly strong and durable, it's not indestructible. As it ages from regular use, it can develop problems that will require attention. Deciding between fixing and replacing the door depends on the specific issue at hand. 

Below are some common frameless glass shower door issues and their possible solutions.

Loose Door Hinges

Your glass shower door has hinges to secure the door to its frame and allow it to close. Over time, these hinges can come loose and cause the door to stick or fail to close. When this happens, you'll need to find the loose hinge screws and tighten them with a screwdriver.

If the holes are stripped, you'll need to remove the screws completely and drive them back into the door frame with the positions of the hinges slightly adjusted to allow for the creation of new holes.

Dirty Door Track

If your sliding glass shower door sticks, it is likely that excessive soap scum and other debris might have built up along the door's track. To resolve the issue, you may need to lift your door off its track to remove the accumulated dirt.

Deteriorated Door Seals

Your glass shower door has seals around its edges to confine water to the shower area while keeping the rest of your bathroom floors dry. If you notice water leaking from your shower into other parts of your bathroom, it's best to have your shower door seals replaced.

Broken Door Handle 

Your glass shower door's handle suffers wear and tear just like the handles on the other doors throughout your home. If the handle gets broken, you'll need to repair or replace it depending on the issue involved.

Scratched Glass 

Your glass shower door can get scratched and lose its initial shine and beauty with time. The good news is that you can buff out the scratches yourself using toothpaste and a soft cloth. All you have to do to eliminate the scratches is apply a small amount of toothpaste to the glass and gently rub it in a circular motion.

Broken Glass 

Although modern frameless glass shower doors are highly resistant to straight-on impact, they can break if mishandled. Broken glass shower doors should be removed and replaced immediately after a breakage to maintain the safety of bathroom users.

With proper maintenance, your glass shower doors can serve you well for many years while adding visual appeal to your bathroom. That said, repairs and replacements are an inevitable part of any glass shower door installation.

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