5 Ways Rain Gutters Save You Money

Posted on: 21 June 2022

Rain gutters do more than prevent you from dripping roof water when you walk out your front door. Gutters can also protect your house and save you quite a bit of money.

1. Flood Prevention

Guttering systems route the roof runoff well away from the house. Without gutters, the water pools against the foundation. This can lead to foundation damage and flooding in the basement or crawlspace around your home. Not only is flood damage expensive to fix, but even more extensive damage to the foundation can also quickly drain your home maintenance budget.

2. Landscape Damage Mitigation

Improperly routed roof runoff can also flood out the landscaping around your home, leading to the need for expensive fixes. Pooling water can kill plants, create mucky areas, and lead to extensive moss growth in the lawn. Good rain gutter systems include properly placed downspouts that run off into dedicated drainage areas. Some systems can even be routed into underground drains so excess standing water is never a problem in the landscaping.

3. Water Catchment

In areas where allowed, harvesting the rainwater runoff from your roof can help lower your bill. Rainwater is safe to use for watering your lawn and gardens. Gutters can be routed into rain barrels or cisterns, so you can store water from the rainy season to use in the dry season when water rates are often higher. This saves you money and is good for the environment.

4. Home Exterior Protection

Water running off the roof goes over the eaves and down the siding. If these are made of wood, then rot, peeling paint, and mildew will be the likely result. Even metal and vinyl outer cladding is at risk, as water can make its way behind the siding or into the eaves where damage will still be the result. Properly installed rain gutters route the water off the roof before it can cause any damage, saving you money in repair bills down the road.

5. Leak Reduction

Roof leaks can be an expensive and inconvenient issue. A roof with no gutters or faulty gutters is more prone to ice dams in winter, a common cause of water leaks in the attic. Leaks around windows and doors are also more likely to occur when water runs off the eaves instead of being safely routed to a downspout and well away from the house. 

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