5 Basics Steps Of Professional Mouse Extermination

Posted on: 29 October 2021

No one wants to find mouse droppings in the pantry or discover a rodent nest in the back of a closet. If you have a mouse problem, professional extermination is the solution. Here is what to expect when soliciting these services.

1. Initial Inspection

No services are rendered until a full inspection of your home is performed, because the exterminator must assess the severity of the infestation. Your exterminator will find the likely access points that the mice are using to get into your home, as well as determine the size of the problem and the areas of the house that are harboring the pests. They will also look for common feeding sites and travel paths, as this will aid in the removal process.

2. Access Removal

The next step is cutting off access so no more mice move into your house. You or the exterminating service will have to seal foundation and siding holes that may be providing access, or you may need to fix the seals around pipes and conduits where they enter your home. Worn out threshold sweeps around doors that result in gaps are another common rodent access point to address.

3. Trap Placements

Placing traps is almost an art form, as they work best when placed along the normal pathways the mice are using. Your exterminator will likely use glue or snap traps, although some use live traps. Traps will be baited and placed in various areas of the home where mice are most likely to be active. Trapping is used to both remove the pests as well as monitor the population. Traps alone are sometimes sufficient for a minor infestation, but they have a negligible effect if you have a large rodent population.

4. Bait Stations

Bait stations are the most commonly used type of poison. A mouse takes the bait and then dies quickly thereafter. The exterminator monitors the bait station as well as tracking the mice back to their nests so that the bodies can be removed before they decompose and cause foul odors. Bait stations may also be placed outside the home to keep further mice from entering.

5. Follow-up Visits

Your exterminator will return at regular intervals to monitor and service traps and bait stations. At each visit they will perform a reassessment and adjust the extermination plan as needed. How frequently they return depends on the severity of the infestation and the service plan you choose, but it can range from weekly to monthly on average.

Contact a mice extermination service if you want to learn more about the methods used.


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