Buying a Wood-Burning Stove for Your Home

Posted on: 10 August 2021

A wood-burning stove can be an excellent addition to your home due to the reliability of this device as a cooking tool as well as the heat that it will provide to the home. Despite the fact that burning stoves were once very common, homeowners will often have limited knowledge about installing and using one of these systems in their home.

Will A Wood Stove Provide Sufficient Ambient Heating?

While the wood-burning stove will be able to provide your home with some ambient heating, it is important to realize that this will largely be limited to the room where the stove is positioned. Due to this, you will want to be sure that the wood-burning stove is away from the primary thermostat for the house. Otherwise, the heating imbalance could lead to it being difficult to regulate the temperature for the rest of the home.

How Hard Will It Be To Care For The Wood Burning Stove?

Caring for a wood-burning stove is not difficult, but it will require the homeowner to regularly clean this device. When wood is burned in the stove, it will leave behind a large amount of ash that will have to be removed after each use. Failing to remove this ash could inhibit the flow of air to the flames, which could cause the fire to burn at a much lower intensity. In addition to removing the soot and ash from the fire chamber, you will also need to periodically remove any residues that are left behind by the burning flames. These residues can eventually clog the air intake and the exhaust for the fireplace. Luckily, a degreasing agent can be a way of quickly removing large amounts of residue from the wood-burning stove.  

Is It Difficult To Safely Store The Firewood For The Stove?

To ensure that you are able to use the fireplace whenever you want, you will have to keep a large amount of firewood readily available. Unfortunately, firewood can severely degrade if it is not properly stored, which may make it unsuitable for use in your wood-burning stove. When you are scouting for a place to store your firewood, it will need to be protected against the rain as this can be one of the leading causes of problems for stored firewood. Additionally, it can take your firewood days to fully dry after a rainstorm, which could inhibit you from using it. Lastly, this area should be regularly treated for pests as termites and ants can cause considerable damage to the wood.

Keep these tips in mind when considering getting a wood-burning stove, such as blaze king stoves, near you.


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