The Advantages Of Adding Walkways Around Your Home

Posted on: 18 March 2019

Have you been considering adding concrete walkways around your home? While it may take a little work to plan them and get them just right, there are a lot of advantages to placing an attractive walkway. Here are some of the major benefits.

Adding Value to Your Property

Walkways and other exterior additions nearly always add value to your property. Not only can a walkway be integrated into your existing landscaping, but it's also got an exceptionally high ROI. Walkways are pretty affordable to put in, as they usually just involve poured concrete. Poured concrete can then be stamped and stained.

If you want to really improve the value of your property, you can consider pouring in a patio at the same time that you pour in a walkway. Doing both things at once can save you money, as well as improve the usability of your outdoor space. Anything that extends outdoor living space is generally going to improve the value of your property.

Improving the Safety of Your Property

Walkways make it a lot easier to navigate around your property, especially if you do a lot of gardening or spend a lot of time outdoors. You can light up the sides of the walkways to make them even safer. If you frequently have guests going to the back of your property for things like BBQs, a walkway will help. Slip-and-fall accidents are some of the most serious accidents that happen in most properties, leading to higher home insurance rates and some significant injuries. During rainy weather or snowy weather, they can be even more common.

Reducing Water Runoff Around Your Property

Placing sloped walkways around your home is an excellent way to reduce water runoff around your foundation. In fact, some homes even have these types of walkways instead of gutters. Water will be drained at least a few feet away from your property, and will consequently not damage your foundation. Of course, if your property is already down a slope (and, consequently, water runoff is directed towards your house), you may need to have a professional look at your walkway plans first. 

These are only a few of the benefits of adding a walkway to your home. Depending on the style of walkway you want, you can pour one yourself with the use of ready-mix cement. Your local home improvement store will have more information. Contact a company like P & L  Concrete Products Inc & Garden Center today to learn more. 


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