Considerations For Selecting The Right Poolside Canvas Canopy For Your Backyard

Posted on: 20 December 2018

If your family members love your backyard pool but they aren't quite so thrilled with the lack of shade around it on hot summer days, then installing a poolside canvas canopy is a wonderful solution. Canvas canopies offer many unique options you just can't match with a pergola or other permanent wooden structure, and often they come with a lower price tag as well.

If you aren't sure where to start when it comes to shopping for a poolside canvas canopy, below are some important considerations.

Consider the Job(s) You Want the Poolside Canopy to Perform

Poolside canopies are far superior to a simple table with an umbrella and serve many different purposes, including:

  • keeping the deck surface cool under it for your feet
  • offering a place to lounge safely out of the hot sun
  • protecting outdoor furniture and appliances from elements

Before you shop for a canopy, first you need to think about the job(s) you want it to accomplish. Do you want a large area of cool deck surface? A large area to lounge? Does it need to protect a lot of furniture? The answers to these questions help determine the size and style to best meet your needs.

Consider the Permanence You Want or Don't Want

Regardless of your budget, you need a canopy made of a high-quality canvas material and strong metal supports. However, you will need to choose if you want it to be permanent year-round or if it will be removable for the cold winter season. 

If you opt for a removable canopy, make sure it is easy to remove and set back up and comes with a wheeled case so you can easily get it to your storage area.

Consider Optional Sidewalls for Additional Shade and Wind-Blocking Potentials

If you live in an area that is often windy or if you want additional shade poolside when the sun is low in the sky, then you should seriously consider optional sidewalls for your canopy. Opt for removable sidewalls so you can choose whether you want the additional protection or want the canopy space to be open on all sides. 

Consider the Reputation of the Deal and Manufacturer and Their Warranties Before Purchasing

Finally, when it comes time to purchase your poolside canopy, make sure you do some research and work with a local company with an excellent reputation. Additionally, make sure the canopy's manufacturer offers a long and complete warranty.

For more information, reach out to companies like EVANS AWNING.


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