Are You Remodeling Your Kitchen On A Budget?

Posted on: 12 November 2018

If you are planning to host holiday festivities or if you are expecting out-of-town guests during the upcoming holidays, you are more than likely sprucing up your house. If that includes remodeling your kitchen, you may also be concerned about the cost of the remodel job. After all, while Christmas might be a lot of fun, it can also be expensive. From arranging for granite countertop restoration services to painting your cabinets, here are some ideas that might help you to design an attractive kitchen that won't break the bank.

Granite Restoration Services - While you might have chosen granite as the material for your kitchen countertops because it was both beautiful and very durable, that didn't mean that the time wouldn't come that the granite countertops might need to be restored so that they can be as beautiful as they were when they were first installed.

Even without realizing it, somebody might have left a glass of wine or a glass of lemonade on the granite countertop, thus leaving an unsightly circle behind. Perhaps you or somebody else dropped a heavy object on the granite countertop, damaging the granite. While you might not even be able to see the chip or the crack, it is more than likely a nuisance when you do things like roll out cookie dough and there is an indentation in the dough.

Granite restorers will have the experience and the right tools to make the granite look exactly the way it should. Consider asking the restorer what you can do to maintain the beauty of your granite countertop. The advice he or she gives you might be as simple as wiping up spills right after they occur, even if the spill was created by water. The restorer might also recommend a gentle cleanser that is designed for granite. 

Repainted Cabinetry - Are you handy with a paintbrush? If so, you more than likely can give your kitchen a new look by simply repainting the wooden cabinets that are already in your kitchen. Think of painting them a new color. For example, if you want to add drama to your kitchen, consider painting the cabinets a bright color like brick red or turquoise. Another idea is to paint the cabinets a neutral color, say off-white or eggshell blue, and then stencil them. For example, if you want to add a bit of elegance to your kitchen, think of selecting a braid stencil design that will go around each cabinet and drawer. If you want something whimsical, consider selecting something like a butterfly stencil. Another idea is to faux paint your kitchen cabinets to look like marble. Whatever finish you want to give your kitchen cabinets, think about selecting something that will complement the granite countertops. 

Consider saving the paint you use in your cabinet painting project or at least save the name of the paint colors you used. That way, if you need to do touch-ups later on, you'll be able to match the paint exactly. 

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