4 Accessories That Will Help Keep Your Bedroom Organized

Posted on: 28 September 2018

Are you tired of living in a disorganized and cluttered bedroom? Here are a few accessories you can invest in that will help keep your room more comfortable and organized:

Floating Shelves

A great way to maintain plenty of floor space and give yourself some extra room for storage is to install floating shelves on your walls. The shelves don't have legs, so you they won't take up any floor space at all. They can be hung over dressers, vanities, and even beds. And they can store everything from jewelry and clothing to paperwork and art supplies. Consider installing more shelves than you currently need so you have room to expand without sacrificing your future organization.

Under-Bed Drawers

If you're like most people, you tend to store stuff under the bed that doesn't have a home elsewhere. But after time, that stuff can become cluttered and harbor dust and dirt. You can avoid letting the underside of your bed get disorganized by installing under-bed drawers. In addition to clothing, your under-bed drawers can hold things such as extra blankets, sheets and pillow cases, winter jackets, towels, and even the kid's extra toys. You can purchase drawers with wheels designed specifically for under-bed use, or if you're artistically inclined you can build your own custom drawers.

A Step-Ladder Side Table

Trade your old single surface side tables for step-ladder versions and you'll easily expand your bedroom's available storage space. Step-ladder side tables provide several surfaces to store things on, so you can keep all of your personal belongings nearby and make more space for more general items in other areas of your bedroom. Step-ladder side tables stand vertically and don't take up a lot of space horizontally, so you should be able to comfortable fit them in your bedroom no matter how big it is or how much stuff you're currently storing in it.

A Fetish Medicine Box

Add a native American flare to your bedroom by incorporating a fetish medicine box into its design. Stone Zuni Badger Fetish medicine boxes feature small carvings of animals from stone, such as badgers, and were originally designed by native Americans called the Zuni people. Each stone carving symbolizes the animal spirit thought to reside within the stone.

For instance, a badger fetish medicine box represents perseverance and individuality – putting one in your room can help inspired these traits within yourself. But in addition to style and culture, your new fetish medicine box will provide you with some extra space to store your nick-knacks so they don't end up scattered around your bedroom.


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