Creating A Cozy Atmosphere In A Family Room

Posted on: 19 January 2018

Do you have a family room in your house that feels empty and doesn't have a lot of appeal? If you want to make changes to the room in an effort to bring your family closer together, your options are unlimited. The key is the make the room feel warm and inviting so everyone in your household will want to spend more time in it. You can hire an interior designer to assist with the project, or you can come up with something great on your own. The content that is in the article will give you several ideas that can be considered for your family room makeover project.

1. Create Warmth by Using a Pellet Stove

A great way to create warmth in your family room if you don't have a fireplace is to get a pellet stove installed. A pellet stove is not only appealing, but it can help you save money on heating your home. The stove uses wooden pellets to create heat, and purchasing the pellets is something that can easily be afforded. There are different styles of pellet stoves that you can choose between based on the extent of heat that you want, as well as the look you are going for. Keep in mind that you won't need a chimney to use a pellet stove, as it can be vented through a wall.

2. Place Rugs Around the Family Room

A good way to create a cozy atmosphere in your family room is to make it fill full. For instance, you don't want a large amount of empty space on the floor. Using rugs is a great way to take up floor space. Rather than choosing rugs that are made of a thin fabric, choose the ones that are plush. The great thing about plush rugs is that they might make your family feel more relaxed if the want to sit on the floor during family nights.

3. Opt for Furniture That is Fluffy & Cozy

If there isn't a cozy sofa, loveseat, and recliner in your family room, consider replacing them with something that is more comfortable for your family. For instance, if the current furniture doesn't have fluffy cushions, it is not likely enjoyable for sitting on for long periods of time. You want furniture that has a satisfactory amount of cushioning on the seats, as well as the back area. It is also a good idea to put numerous fluffy pillows on the furniture to create an even cozier feel. If you want to purchase nice furniture without spending too much money, consider visiting a store that sells used furniture that is in a good condition.


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