Understanding Mosquitos And Stagnant Water

Posted on: 15 January 2018

If you have a great deal of mosquitos on your property, then you may have learned that it is wise to get rid of any and all standing water in the region. You may understand that mosquitos and standing water go hand in hand, but you may not necessarily know why. Keep reading to learn why and to also understand how to get rid of the water.

Why Do Mosquitos Gather Around Standing Water?

Mosquitos prefer areas with standing water so they are able to breed. When the female mosquito is able to lay eggs, she will do so directly on the standing water. Mosquitos produce hundreds of eggs each and every year, and these eggs will hatch within about 24 hours. The eggs will need to remain wet from the time that they are laid to the time they hatch. If they dry out, then the eggs will no longer be viable. This is one of the main reasons why water is so necessary. Also, the stagnant water is desired so the eggs will not wash away once laid.

Once the mosquito eggs hatch, larvae will then take residence in the water until they develop into winged mosquitos.

If standing water is located on your property, then mosquitos can use the water over and over again to breed, and they will do so unless the breeding, egg laying, and hatching process is disrupted.

How Do You Get Rid Of The Water?

It probably does not come as a surprise to learn that the best way to get rid of mosquitos is to remove the stagnant water. If you have puddles and other areas of accumulated water on your property, then try to eliminate the low spots of the earth. You can typically do this by filling them in with soil. Adding drainage tile to your property in areas where drainage is not sufficient is a good idea too.

If you have a pond or other type of water feature on your property, then you probably do not want to get rid of it. However, you should make sure the water is no longer stagnant. Add a fountain, filter, or agitator to the pond. 

You also want to get rid of buckets, puddles, or any other object that has collected water on your property. 

If you have difficulty getting rid of mosquitos, then speak with a control specialist, like one from Houston Misting. Sprays, nets, and other systems can be set up to discourage the insects. 


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