Transform A Sreened-In-Porch Into A Colorful Oasis That Can Be Used As A Relaxation Retreat

Posted on: 26 October 2017

If your home's screened-in porch is lacking personal touches and is mostly bare, except for some empty crates that are sitting in the corner and collecting dust, transform the porch into a colorful oasis that can be utilized during downtime as a relaxation retreat by following the basic outline that follows. 


  • broom
  • vacuum cleaner
  • carpet cleaning agent
  • scrub brushes
  • detergent
  • bucket
  • warm water
  • sponge
  • curtains
  • floral-printed furnishings
  • throw rugs
  • bamboo table
  • wildflower packets
  • large planters
  • soil
  • watering can
  • bird figurines
  • birdhouses
  • hooks
  • blankets
  • pillow

Give The Porch A Thorough Cleaning

If the porch has wood or tile flooring covering it, sweep and mop it to remove surface dirt. If a carpet is covering the porch's floor, remove carpet stains with a carpet cleaning agent before vacuuming the floor covering. Use a broom to remove cobwebs from the corners of the porch and use a soft, soapy sponge to wipe off both sides of the screen mesh that surrounds the porch. Wait for surfaces to dry and open the porch's door to allow a steady supply of fresh air into the enclosed space and to help rid the porch of stale odors.

Add Furnishings And Plant Wildflower Seeds

If you would like the opportunity to limit the amount of sunlight that filters into the porch on some occasions, hang some curtains over the screen mesh. Purchase some floral-printed furnishings that will help brighten up the enclosed porch. Furnishings that have washable covers will prevent a couch or chairs from becoming permanently stained if food or drinks spill onto them.

After arranging the furnishings, drape small rugs over bare spots on the floor. Place a bamboo coffee table in front of the couch. Add decorative planters to each side of the table. After adding potting soil to the base of each planter, sprinkle wildflower seeds across the soil's surface. Use soil to cover the seeds and pour water into the planters.

Wildflowers are often brightly-colored and grow in a variety of climates. As long as you continue to water the seeds and place the planters in an area that receives ample sunlight, you will soon have lush flowers to enjoy whenever you are on the porch. 

Add Some Accessories And Linens

If you would like to enhance the wildflowers by adding decorations to the room that will remind you of being outdoors, place bird figurines on the table and in the corners of the porch. Hang some faux birdhouses from hooks to amplify the natural appearance of the enclosed space. Place linens and pillows on the couch so you will have a comfortable area to lay down while spending time on the porch. 

Contact a shop that carries wildflower seed packets for more information and assistance. 


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