4 Benefits Of Using Roman Shades For Window Seating Areas

Posted on: 21 June 2016

A window seat offers a peaceful and relaxing place in the home. Along with great views of the exterior, the large windows used for these seating areas can be dressed with all kinds of designs and treatments. As you select a window treatment for your home, one of the options you can choose from is Roman shades. These shades are typically made with a single piece of fabric and can fold up on supportive bars that are used to raise and lower the shade. As you select window treatments for a window seat area, there are four advantages to choosing Roman shades.

Children & Safety

A window seat is a great area for a child to read and play. When playing near blinds or shades, one of the main dangers to worry about is hanging cords. These cords can create choking hazards when children play near them. This is one of the biggest advantages when choosing Roman shades. These shades do not have any strings or cords hanging from them. It makes them safe for a child to use when accessing the window seat. The Roman shades can be set up high so nothing is within a child's reach while using the window seat. Not only can you add safety to the home, but there are plenty of styles specifically catered to children. For example, if the window seat is in a child's room, you can select from light-colored and patterned designs that match other designs already in the room.

Inside Window Mounts

When shades or blinds are hung outside the window frame, it can take up space on your window seat. Instead of constantly pushing blinds or shades out of the way, you can have full access to your window seat and full functionality of the shades if you install Roman shades. Roman shades can be measured and fitted on the inside of a window frame. This is a great way to save space and still have the whole window covered if needed. When choosing the shades, it's important to accurately measure the inside of your window frames. This will ensure that the shades can fit correctly within the frame. You also do not want to purchase shades that are too narrow and leave gaping holes on the sides.

Blackout Shades

A window seat is a great place to take a nap. If this nap is during the day, then you may want to block out the light from outside. You can do this by purchasing Roman shades that have blackout features. The thick fabric used to create Roman shades often blocks out a majority of the light. This allows you to relax without the natural light disturbing you from your sleep. Because of the thick design, you can often choose from a variety of shade colors other than just a standard black. This allows you to block out sunlight and still match all of the style within your home.

Device Glare Prevention

Along with blocking out all of the light, the shades can be pulled partially to just keep direct sunlight out. When you're using various devices in the window seat, this glare prevention can really help you see screens. Whether you're using a tablet, laptop, or phone, you can sit comfortably and set the Roman shades up to block out the excessive light. This is also great for extended use on the window seat. For example, if you're using a digital book reader, you can sit there for hours at a time and enjoy reading without any extra glare.

Shop around for a variety of Roman shades that can fit inside your windows and that will compliment the area.


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